Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ministry to the Broken in the Philippines

I have a friend and fellow Moody Theological student, J Y, who has been serving in the Philippines since January 12 of this year. Here is one of her letters about life in Barangay, one of the small communities she visits:

"Here in Barangay 1 there are two families who are CNSP (Children in Need of Special Protection) beneficiaries of PCMN (Philippine Children's Ministry Network). It was very dark when I visited them with two other caretakers of PCMN. The first family was the Ds. The makeshift house given by the Red Cross was dim and bare inside. No furniture, no division, two or three shabby thin blankets were the only hanging over the laundry line. Though I was informed that there was a disabled child but the room was filled with a typical urine like stench that usually comes from the paralyzed. 

When the door was widely open, I found a small tiny body lying on the floor. She was P, a 15 years old girl yet her body size was like that of three year old infant. 
Due to CP, she didn’t grow. On my eye contact with her, she immediately gave me a bright smile. Seeing her bright smile, I had my eyes soon wet. Her teeth were almost pulled out. Since no money to buy diapers, her lower body was wrapped with cloth. 

When their parents separated and they were totally abandoned. Their oldest brother (19 or 20 years old boy) was the only one who brings daily income. The second (16 or 17 years old) one who had a clubfoot naturally was left at home and took mother’s role. The third, P is yet still happy and always smiles at home though she can't do anything but lying down the whole day like that. Thankfully one of the NGO gave her a wheelchair and occasionally she could sit on it. It has been their life since they were deserted.

The second family was just next door of them. The two Da sisters lived with their cousin who also joined them due to their parents' separation. Thirteen year old, M dropped off the school two weeks ago and according to her aunt, since then she seldom stayed at home over night. She is with her friend and her boy friend the whole night and comes back the next morning. Her aunt was so frustrated and from her face and tone I could feel that she was angry at her.

I became powerless and gloomy. What would have had in their mind? What would they feel? What would they think about their family and parents who deserted them? What can I do for them?

Feeling powerless and discouraged I headed home in the peach darkness. Immediately one song came to my mind, "I have no silver and gold. What I have I will give to you. 
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” What I have in me I really want them to have. I do hope that their eyes may get widely open, so that they can see and meet Jesus Christ as their greatest blessing.

10th Feb. 2015 

ps. for almost a week we couldn't access the internet since poor service but thankfully today we have it now."

“I call on you, O God, for you will answer me;
give ear to me and hear my prayer.” Psalm 17:6

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