Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HP Pavilion Problem

Well, I've finally figured out what happened to my Hewlett Packard Pavilion laptop. It seems there has been problems with the motherboard on some of these units, so HP is going to extend my warranty (which expired in September) and fix my laptop.

Not even Best Buy (where the laptop was purchased) was aware of this problem when I took it to the Geek Squad. In fact, they basically gave my laptop back to me and said "call HP." Before doing that, however, I took it to the computer experts at Milwaukee PC in Sheboygan, who ran more diagnostics and who then informed me that they had just learned of the motherboard problem, and that I should contact HP because I'd probably get an extended warranty to fix it.

If you have an HP Pavilion laptop, you may be interested in going to to see if you are eligible for an extended warranty. If you are having problems with the models mentioned in this link, contact HP.

Not having my computer has caused some delay in writing my blog, but I hope to keep posting while my computer is away.

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