Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Peepers

With spring comes a return to biking around Sheboygan County. My route often takes me through marshes and wetlands that, this time of year, resound with a chorus of frogs. Not a herpetologist by any stretch of the imagination, I can make out what I think are the steady high-pierced chirps of Spring Peepers, accompanied by the throaty harrumphs of Bull Frogs. I often stop to listen, and it's as if every molecule of air is filled to bursting in crescendo.

It's just another joy that God puts in our paths. In a time of year when we grouse over the weather or lament the rain, God has set His glory in an out-of-the-way place; a free concert for all to enjoy and to marvel once again at His creation. I hope you'll take the time to listen to the video clip I've posted here. I specifically picked one that doesn't offer much to see, but is high in audio quality. So sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the sound of spring!

"Faithfulness springs forth from the earth..." Psalm 85:11

"The year's at the spring,
The day's at the morn;
The morning's at seven;
The hillsides' dew-pearled;
The larks' on the wing;
The snails' on the thorn,
God's in his heaven;
All's right with the world." R. Browning

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