Saturday, December 12, 2015

Instagram Husband

The husband in this video could be anyone: wife, son, daughter, boy-or-girlfriend

One person's response to watching this was that first they laughed, but then they cried. Nothing like humor to hit a point home (please forgive the use of one expletive). 

What I wonder about most is the children who are the constant focus of Facebook write-ups and Instagram photo-shoots. Have we asked their permission? And what is the developmental result of constantly being on stage for mom or dad, not to mention the wider world? Where has all the privacy gone?

Maybe this year, we bring back the old film camera, and when the 12 or 36 exposures are used up, we put the camera away and live out what will become future memories, not stage them. And they will be our very own memories: intimate, close, meaningful to us, and meant for us, not the world. 

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