Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Four Years Ago Today

On March 31, 2005, Terri Schiavo died, two weeks after doctors removed her feeding tube against the wishes of family and many others.

Many of us who never even met Terri felt a frustration we'd never felt before over the unwillingness to let Terri live and allow family to continue to provide her with love, care and therapy. If I and many others had not had God in our life to pray and cry out to regarding Terri, I think many of us would have entirely given up on mankind altogether and conceded that insanity does rule. But although insanity does run rampant, it doesn't rule over those who are in the world, but not of it in the name of Christ.

So it is in tribute to Terri, and to the work her family has tirelessly continued as advocates for life, that I encourage you to read an article written by her brother, Bobby Schindler, that appears today at Crosswalk.com. Go to it now at


"Look, a righteous king is coming! And honest princes will rule under him. He will shelter Israel from the storm and the wind. He will refresh her as a river in the desert and as the cool shadow of a large rock in a hot and weary land. Then everyone who can see will be looking for God, and those who can hear will listen to his voice. Even the hotheads among them will be full of sense and understanding. Those who stammer in uncertainty will speak out plainly.
In that day ungodly fools will not be heroes. Wealthy cheaters will not be respected as outstanding citizens. Everyone will recognize ungodly fools for what they are. They spread lies about the Lord; they deprive the hungry of food and give no water to the thirsty. The smooth tricks of evil people will be exposed, including all the lies they use to oppress the poor in the courts." Isaiah 32:1-7

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